Saturday, 01 October 2016
source: shiitenews

Pakistani Shias have bluntly refused to join army of Israel, a move that was aimed at recruiting Shiite youth from Pakistan to use them against Muslim countries.
Israeli intelligence agency MOSSADís representatives and facilitators tried to win support of Shia organisations and some of the Shia leaders in Balochistan to recruit their youngsters for Israelís army, but the leaders and representatives of Shia community strongly rejected this offer that disappointed Israelis.
According to sources, after recruiting 600 Ahmedis, including 300 young girls for Israeli army, from Pakistan, the policy makers of Israelís army and intelligence then decided to engage Pakistani Shias, but that move failed miserably.
Israelis and their facilitators made clandestine attempts in Balochistan of hiring youngsters from Shia community over a year ago, but they (Israelis) gave up their plan when they got unexpected ďNoĒ from the leaders and representatives of Shia community in Balochistan.
Balochistan is a troubled province of Pakistan, where frustrated people can easily motivated to join forces working against Pakistan, but Shias community slapped on the face of Israelis by turning down their nasty offer, said sources.
Special Report by J. Choudhry/ISLAMABAD

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