Thursday, 08 March 2018
source: shiitenews

Mentally deranged Zaid Hamid has made another ludicrous but false claim in his so-called analysis that Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani is a Shia and his Pakistan People’s Party too is a Shia party. As a matter of fact, Mian Raza Rabbani, Farhatullah Babar and Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan who opposed the PML-N government’s foreign policy including sending troops to Saudi Arabia, are all nothing but Sunnis and not Shias.
The psychopath Zaid Hamid made another malicious blame against Raza Rabbani was clandestinely in touch with the Iranian government and enjoys perks from them. It is relevant to add here that Raza Rabbani has been criticizing the US hegemonic policies and threats against Pakistan and also urged Pakistan to balance its foreign policy and not embroil Pakistan in other countries wars.
This is the only sin of Raza Rabbani that this Sunni politician of Pakistan People’s Party is being defamed by the lunatic self-claimed analyst Zaid Hamid.
Pakistan People’s Party’s de facto chief Asif Zardari has also distanced himself and his party from the stance of Farhatullah Babar, Raza Rabbani and suchlike other figures. The PPP has made clear Raza Rabbani’s viewpoint was his personal stance. The loyal sons of Pakistan who preach balanced, impartial and unbiased policies are being targeted under a malicious media trial being pursued through the proxies such as crazies like Zaid Hamid.

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