Tuesday, 25 September 2018
source: shiitenews

Tehreek-e-Hussaini Parachinar leader Maulana Abid Hussain Jafari has opposed disarming of the Turi/Bangash tribes because takfiri terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan, particularly in the Af-Pak border areas, pose serious threat to their life, honour and property.
“Security forces are bold and brave but terrorists outnumber them. In Ghazni, Afghan forces fought but terrorists outnumbered them and finally forces retreated and then terrorists attacked Shia Muslim population there,” he said, in an interview.
He said Pak Army has its headquarter only in Parachinar and nowhere in the rest of FATA there was any presence of the army and that has recently come to FATA due to Operation Zarb-e-Azb.
Maulana Abid said that an army general has shared this information that the takfiri terrorists considered Pakistan Army as deviant and traitor of Islam and also considered Shia Muslims as heathens. Therefore, Tehreek-e-Hussaini leader said they don’t feel them secure and safe in Kurram Agency, even in Parachinar.
“Keeping in view the real and existential threat from takfiri terrorists who are living around us, asking us to hand over weapons is not acceptable for us. Our weapons have been allowed by founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah and this policy remained in force to date,” he said.
Hussaini Movement leader cited that people of Parachinar had been unsafe to the extent that they has not been able to travel to Peshawar directly and for reaching any part of Pakistan they had to travel via Afghanistan. He said disarming them was tantamount to make them an easy target of terrorist attacks.

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